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Senior Data Scientist



Data Science
Gothenburg Municipality, Sweden
Posted on Friday, December 22, 2023
Science · Göteborg

Senior Data Scientist

Become a Senior Data Scientist at CarbonCloud and apply scientific innovation to drive sustainable production with us! ♻️

Do you want to solve difficult technical problems in one of the biggest challenges of our age? Do you want to do so supported by great developers and to see the solutions impact some of the biggest companies in the space immediately? Join the Science team at CarbonCloud!

At CarbonCloud, we’re on a mission to combat climate change by empowering food producers worldwide to measure and reduce their carbon footprint. Our SaaS platform gives food and beverage players the tools and datasets they need to identify, track, and optimize their climate footprint throughout the supply chain. Our Science team is the keystone to the company: creating our models and datasets; working closely with the product teams on our software; and with sales and marketing on communicating our scientific vision.

As a Senior Data Scientist, you work directly with our VP of Science and collaborate closely with our development teams. Your responsibilities include:

  • Model and dataset development: Our extensive models and datasets are CarbonCloud’s key competitive advantage. You will identify needs and possibilities and drive our modeling to extend our lead.
  • Product development: You will collaborate with the development team to translate scientific models into production-ready artifacts, either directly or via prototypes. You will also develop tools for working with models and datasets for internal use.
  • Drive scientific vision: CarbonCloud is a scientifically opinionated company which helps the food industry find the right way. You will develop and argue for our scientific vision both internally and externally.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: You will spread knowledge throughout the organization. You will support the Product and Engineering teams with information for requirement specifications. You will also support our Sales and Customer Success teams with information for customer questions and concerns. Lastly, you will collaborate with our Marketing team on new content ideas and quality assurance.
  • Keep CarbonCloud up to date with the latest scientific developments: You will ensure we integrate new science as it appears into our products and ways of working. You will help our customers with identifying and fulfilling new and changing reporting requirements.


    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. You are great at developing creative technical solutions to ill-defined problems.
    • Deep expertise in mathematical modeling and working with complex datasets.
    • Experience engaging with and contributing to a technical scientific field at the highest level, probably attained through a Ph.D. in physics, chemistry, mathematics, or similar.
    • Proven ability to deliver results in a business context. You know how to identify key inputs for the organization and deliver them at the right quality and in a timely fashion.
    • Experience collaborating with software developers. You think like a developer and can choose solutions on the science side that are well-suited for translating into software. Python and machine learning experience is a plus.
    • Fully proficient in English

      Additional information:

      • Fixed monthly salary with an additional attractive rewards system
      • Scope: Full-time employment (with a 6-month probationary period)
      • 25 days of vacation annually
      • A fitness subsidy of 2000 SEK
      • Health insurance
      • Pension
      • Location: Our HQ in Gothenburg, located at Aschebergsgatan 44

      Please note: if you are not an EU citizen you must have full working rights aligned with Swedish laws.

      General information

      To ensure we get the best possible match, we will use theoretical and practical work-related tests during the recruitment process. We give great importance to personal qualities and cultural fit. More info about this will follow later on.

      t’s also good to know that we apply a continuous selection to the roles we recruit for. This means that we continuously match the CV and personality to the requirements profile we set up before starting the recruitment. So if you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity, apply today!



      Perks & Benefits

      • Work on the biggest issue of our generation

        Your time is precious. Spend it where it matters.
      • Lots of room to shape your work

        We expect You to know You best. In general, you get to pick your tools and decide how to make the most of them.
      • Get better together

        You'll be working closely with motivated people that joined the company since they want to change the world. But we are doing something very new, and we are figuring it out together as we go. Sharing mistakes and learnings makes us better at this.

      Workplace & Culture

      Working here is a great way to try out new things and push your comfort zone, if you want to. We don't have a specialist in every area yet, counting on the team being flexible and stepping in wherever needed. Some of us stick to our ordinary job descriptions, but we also have developers trying out sales, and designers doing marketing.

      We are flexible with hours and remote work where needed, trusting everyone to do their best to work in a way that's effective. We're currently doing a mixed setup with some people working remotely full time. We are looking forward to working together at the office after the pandemic!

      About CarbonCloud

      We do climate footprint calculations for food producers, insights on where to improve, and transparency to consumers through packaging labels. The science is hard, the product is simple. We are building a global network of climate calculations - improve one calculation, and the others react.

      Founded in 2019
      Co-workers 33... and counting
      Science · Göteborg

      Senior Data Scientist

      Become a Senior Data Scientist at CarbonCloud and apply scientific innovation to drive sustainable production with us! ♻️