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Data Science
Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2023

Job description

At Neople we're driven by our passion, experience, and interest in neural networks, LLM, and AI ethics. We take some pride in having started way before the current LLM/GenAI/ChatGPT hype. We believe that AI can do lots of good, but know it must be user-friendly in order to be widely adopted and not cause inequality gaps. Especially now.

Our shared goal is to make it super easy for people to access helpful AI assistants in the workplace and tap into the potential of digital transformation at work. That's why we're creating the most user-friendly digital co-workers powered by AI.

We’re growing fast and that’s why we’re looking for a new (human) colleague to join our team!

The team

Before we talk about job details, we believe the people you work with are what make a job great. The product team is currently a team of 11, with a data team of 3 people specifically focused on analysis, optimization, and automation. You’ll work mostly alongside Joep (CPO), Job (CTO), Emma-Sophia (Data scientist), Inge (Onboarding specialist), and Koen (Data scientist). The Neople team is best described as open, ambitious, highly skilled, friendly and if you ask us - also really fun. Besides people, we also count our Neople as part of our team. With Emily as our chief executive Neople. We’ll make sure you meet her and other Neople during a first interview!

The job:

The data scientist job at this moment is a combination of various data functions - data analysis, data engineering, and data science, mostly in the NLP realm. You use your skills and the latest techniques in the data science, LLM and NLP fields to unlock new skills in our Neople, and to ensure that you yourself, and of course our Neople are continuously learning!

  • You’ll experiment with, and implement, evaluation methods to gather deep insights in performance
  • You’re capable of designing and building simple (when good enough) and advanced (when needed) machine learning models. But you’re also eager to take up data engineering and analysis tasks wherever it’s necessary.
  • You’ll provide insights to the broader product team to shape & sharpen the product strategy
  • You’re constantly looking to translate insights and experiences into structural improvements
  • You’ll be part of our early days. It’s both mega energizing and a bit messy at times, but mostly energizing.

The requirements:

  • You love to set up experiments and can translate results into actionable insights
  • You’re a logical thinker and a creative experimentalist
  • You have a knack for languages, and no fear for messy and unstructured data
  • You’re open-minded, kind, autonomous, and proactive
  • You’re constantly looking for opportunities to accelerate or automate your own work
  • You have a solid technical background, including:
  • Python and popular data science packages
  • SQL
  • Experience with NLP methods & tools (must-have)
  • 5+ years of relevant work experience (honestly, we value expertise over experience any day of the week)

Nice to haves:

  • Start-up experience
  • Experience with commercial NLP use cases
  • Experience with data warehouses & data engineering pipelines
  • Experience with AI, LLMs, RAG pipelines

The offer:

  • A salary that meets your expectations and market standards
  • A work week of 32, 36 or 40 hours a week. Whatever you prefer.
  • Good gear to work with
  • The opportunity to get shares in the company
  • NS Business Card for daily commute

Interested? Drop us your CV and brief motivation at https://neople.homerun.co/data-scientist.

If you have any projects to showcase we’d love to see them too!