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Antwerp, Belgium · Brussels, Belgium
Posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2023

About Enersee

Enersee is growing rapidly. We’ve raised €1.2 million in capital in June 2023 and we’re looking to scale up right now. We want more hospitals, offices, industry, … to become more energy efficient. But in order to realise our dream, our purpose, we need a Full-Stack Developer to help us take the next step in our product development.

We (Maarten & Joachim) have a very good idea of what our product can do and who it can help. We both have an engineering background and solid data science and data engineering knowledge. But we want to expand our development bandwidth and further optimize our development infrastructure and procedures.

Whilst we know (most of) what should be done, we need someone with experience in developing software in a team and everything that comes with that.

That’s where you come in, right?

What’s the job?

Can you help us scale up our software development? Starting by developing our existing segments,  further development of our DevOps / CI/CD set-up & identifying opportunities to increase the value of our software for our customers.

In the end, we want you to help us deliver epic software to the customer, maximizing the value whilst keeping it easily maintainable for us when we scale further.

This means:

  • Develop end-to-end features based on requirements and customer insights
  • Structure and maintain the codebase for maintainability and scalability
  • Collaborate with the team to develop and document the codebase together
  • Help design and evolve our software architecture
  • Coach, support, and mentor less senior/external dev. Members (as a peer, not a “manager”)
  • Debug code and troubleshoot issues that arise
  • Provide support to our customers

Some of the above might be too much or too little, and some things might be missing, but we’re mostly looking to develop our tech, team, and approach together with you & your skill set.

What’s your profile?

You are a seasoned developer with experience in different layers of the tech stack. You want to apply your skills in a software product company with a positive impact. Below you find some of the skills and expertise we are looking for.
Do not be afraid if you don’t tick every box 100%, we are looking for experience but there will always be a learning curve.

  • Strong proficiency in programming languages, mainly Python
  • Database knowledge, SQL, and ideally some type of time-series DB
  • Some knowledge of front-end dev is certainly a plus (ideally React)
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms such as GCP, Azure or AWS (we run on GCP for the moment)
  • Ideally experience in a successful Scale-up from the start-up phase
  • Familiarity with DevOps practices and CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience with version control in GIT in a multi-developer setting (internal and external developers)
  • Understanding of testing methodologies and frameworks
  • You are fluent in English, both in spoken and written communication. 
  • Familiarity with agile development methodologies (as in actually agile in practice :D)

That’s what we’d like you to know already. In terms of what kind of person you are:

  • Above all else we value people who want to improve themselves. That means having a drive to grow continuously and wanting to get shit done.
    We feel that this attitude will get you much further ahead than simply having a better education or background. It’s what we ourselves thrive on.
  • Diplomas and higher education are one type of proof of a certain capability level of gathering knowledge in a structured manner and the capability to think analytically. But not the only one.
    So, if you have a higher education, great. If you don’t, but took a different path and feel you have built these capabilities differently, don’t hesitate to apply for this job.

You are techy, yet you understand that a business is about bringing value to the customer. The product is the heart of the company, so the dev team is not a feature factory living on an island.

What will you get in return

The material stuff:

  • A competitive base salary complemented with a company performance-related bonus.  This is a key role for our company. We are still figuring out the gross salary range, and as soon as we’ve got a concrete set of numbers, we’ll add it here. But don’t hesitate to ask us about it on our first call. 
  • Fringe benefits (we’re in Belgium after all 😅) such as:
    - Meal vouchers worth 8 euros a day
    - Eco vouchers worth 250 euros a year
    - An electric company car worth 40-60K
    OR a mobility budget + the difference as additional benefits/salary
    (Let’s not put more cars on the road than necessary 😊)
    - A national charging card (also in your private time)
    - Hospitalisation insurance for you (free) and your family members (discount)
    - 13th month & double vacation pay
    - A laptop and a mobile phone
    - We pay for your mobile phone service (30 euros a month) and help with your internet costs (30 euros a month)
    - …
  • Because this is a sales-oriented role, there’s also a variable component that we’ll link to both your personal and company targets.
  • The faster the company grows, the more your bank account grows.
  • If you’ve been in the company for a year, we can also offer shares of the company to you at a discounted price

We all have sustainable Enersee merch. Little stuff that feels comfy or is fun to use and also sustainable, the little extras…

The non-material stuff:

  • You can work remotely or in the office however you prefer; it’s up to you and your work-life balance. We want to have an active bond, so it’s all about finding and making enough time to be a team.
  • We love to celebrate milestones. The day we raised the capital, we all went to an amazing restaurant with the team and +1s. New milestones, new celebrations (open for suggestions 😉).
  • Training is important too. We deliberately plan time to have field experts help us push our skills. It’s the first thing to be postponed if we don't plan it. So we’ll ensure you get enough time to invest in that.
  • Once a week, we have a “Friday Wins” session to celebrate our weekly achievements. Lunch and drinks are on us while putting the accomplishments of our team members in the spotlight. (and for the people that want to: we head into town afterward).