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Machine Learning Engineer - AI team



Software Engineering, Data Science
Utrecht, Netherlands
Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2023

Walk to the top floor of our office in the center of Utrecht, log in 💻 and be ready to take ownership of your work. You will sit next to like-minded tech-savvy Channapeople, who are as excited as you are to continue building upon Channable’s success as one of the best SaaS companies of 2023 🎉. We have a strong engineering culture that focuses on the correctness, maintainability, and reliability of our code. Are you ready to be part of our international team? 🌍

Your job:

In this position, you will join our newly established AI team. The team will be focused on training and building machine learning models that directly power amazing new product features for all of our customers. You will get to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in machine learning, such as large language models, fine-tuning of models, and reinforcement learning from human feedback. You will also be working on setting up and optimizing data pipelines which we use to train our models.

Your challenges:

  • Develop machine learning models with PyTorch, to power new features in our tool

  • Optimize accuracy, precision, and recall of our existing models

  • Set up and maintain data pipelines to build high-quality data sets

  • Develop internal services that host our ML models and make them available to other teams via an API

  • Evaluate new open-source models for their suitability for our use cases

  • Fine-tune our models using our proprietary training data

  • Maintain our machine learning infrastructure using both internal and external tools

  • Scale up our model-serving infrastructure

  • Work together with our product and engineering teams to deliver larger projects

Do you want to read more about our engineering culture? Then have a look at our popular tech blog: https://tech.channable.com

Additionally, you can also take a look at some of our open-source work at https://github.com/channable to get a feeling of how we work together and what our code looks like.